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Nadia's site, Foxyman will transform the way you feel about personal fashion blogs. You'll go from "not giving a shit" to "totally obsessed" in a short number of clicks. Nadia likes to blog about Richard Hell, home-made fashion projects, her fanatic love for Danzig and sewing. Coincidentally, some of us like to read about these things.

Nadia is a design student from Melbourne, Australia who has worked her way into the fashion world by posting her creations on her now ever-so-popular blog, Foxyman. She has been recognized for her talents by many fellow fashion blogs like Swine (Dolce & Gabban's blog), MyFashionLife and Gnarlitude. Nadia recently created an incredible collection of full-bodied shoes. Besides being an inimitable designer in the making, Nadia also co-owns a label called DISCOUNT with her friend, Cami James, which will be launching soon.

We decided it was time to quit our admiring from a far and ask Nadia a few questions.

Why did you decide to start your blog?

Studying fashion in an academic environment made me start thinking about fashion in a very logical and cohesive way. The blog was started out of both frustration and boredom, it simply provided me with a medium that allowed me to resist the ‘intellectual’ side of fashion that I had been accustomed to.

The structure of how blogs present information exactly reflects how I always want to (and do) see fashion--erratic, intuitive and spontaneous. In a huge way, it enabled me to contextualize all of my ‘fashion’ thoughts and musings that would have never made sense or held much relevance in my studies.

If you could steal anyone's wardrobe who would it be and why?

It’s a tie between Prince and David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust era – don’t even need an explanation.

Tell me about your latest creations. In particular, the shoe-extension pieces which we think are amazing. What is the concept behind them? How did you construct them?

The collection is a complete piss-take, and I hope it’s not read as some serious ‘conceptual’ collection. I had been investing a lot of time into blogging and celebrity culture, and it was hard not to notice the new heights the internet has propelled our obsession with ‘it’ items to--in particular shoes. My idea was to take away any notion of traditional clothing, and extend the shoe to take over the whole body. Every ‘shoe’ then explored a different adjustment or decorative technique commonly found in footwear.

Executing my idea was absolutely the most difficult (but definitely most rewarding) process I’ve attempted in the whole time I’ve been studying. I am completely obsessive about fit, and it was not an easy task to perfectly tailor all-leather outfits to the bodies of models I could only fit a week before the show. I also collaborated with an amazing shoemaker by the name of Anna Timou who lasted and made the shoes for me, which we then had to figure out how to join to the rest of the outfit. That in itself was a challenge.

Name some things you heart.

Amongst a lot of other things: Mum + Dad, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Stacey, Discount and Danzig.

Okay, I got one for you. Danzig wants to marry you, but if you say 'yes' that means you can no longer listen to Misfits songs. If one comes on the stereo you become deaf, but you are married to Danzig in love forever. Do you choose to be with Danzig sans Misfits songs or do you say 'no' to marriage and enjoy the music?

I’d marry Glenn and forego the Misfits songs, but I could still have all the Danzig songs right?! Did I just find a loophole? I can’t believe this is going on record because Danzig vs Misfits is clearly an age-old debate, but I recently came to the conclusion that I prefer Danzig. Just putting it out there.

I hope Danzig reads this. He's into female-oriented fashion sites right?

All photos via Foxyman

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