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Melody Eh$ani had money in her name before Kei$ha existed and believes her inner power as a woman has allowed her to continually challenge convention and overcome barrier. She just released her new collection of accessories, which comes in three sub collections: Protect Me From What I Want, Love Sees Color, and We Live in Their World. The lookbooks are awesome (our favorite is Protect Me From What I Want, but it was a tough decision) and feature three multicultural ladies (one has the greatest freckles) in different looks corresponding with the sub collections.

See our favorites from Melody Eh$ani's new lookbooks below.

Protect Me from What I Want.

Love Sees Color.

We Live in Their World.

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  1. Jess Bloom Jess Bloom says:

    if my name started with a “m” or “e” i’d get those big earrings for sure.

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