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How to exercise like the angels.

Prepping for the Victoria's Secret Fashion is no small feat. The models strut down the runway wearing practically nothing (usually finished off with some really big wings and/or offensive garb), so their bodies need to look fit. The man responsible for these abs, arms and booties is former champion boxer and international fitness expert Michael Olajide Jr. of Aerospace High Performance Center. Well, the guys over at Time Magazine decided that they too wanted abs, arms and booties so they had Michael Olajide Jr. come by their office for a little afternoon routine. We're not exactly sure why they left their corporate outfits on and didn't change into something a little more...athletic, but it appears they had a hard enough time getting through the workout so we'll just let that slide.

Watch how it all went down in the video below.

Stumbled upon via: Refinery 29

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