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Much more exciting than grade ten math class

At first glance, the Metalepsis’ 2012 collection is organized like the kind of map that hung at the back of your math class in high school. It was the one that you didn’t actually read, instead you kind of crossed your eyes and stared at it because it looked cool. This one is even cooler.

Each little geometrical shape on the Metalepsis chart refers to a real piece of bronze jewelry. In fact, for designers Victoria Cho and Astrid Chastka, Metalepsis is all about geometry. Both former architects, the collection is created from linear and curved geometrical shapes and modular geometry, as well as architectural theory and the methodologies of Sol Lewitt. Sounds complicated, but aesthetically the collection is quite simply beautiful. The two implement methods learned in the field, and laser-cut molds for casting and then assemble the pieces by hand. Although several pieces might come from one mold, the casts remain unfinished so that the metal retains the patina, its oxidized layer, which means that each necklaces changes and evolves slowly over time.

All in all, Metalepsis is about exactitude of math, the science of the natural world, and theories and processes of architecture, except you don’t get tested on it. You just get to wear it.

See more from the Metalepsis collection below.

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