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M.I.A. .ZIPs-up the rip-offs

There is no doubt that M.I.A. has carved out her roles as an innovator. She was the first artist to bring her style of music to the mainstream eye. And by her style of music we mean sometimes-spoken, sometimes-sung, rap-inspired deliveries over electronic beats, as spastic as they are danceable, all wrapped up in third-world mentalities and pleas for equality. With originality comes imitation, but what determines the line between stolen and chance?

M.I.A. has long claimed victim of copycats, but now she is finally taking the next step to prove it by “KEEPING A STEAL LOG” on Tumblr. The first offense? The Grammys. According to her, the stage backdrop for the 2013 award show’s Bob Marley tribute imitates the lazer-box lighting she used at a January show in Australia.

What do you think? Compare and contrast the footage from the Grammys and M.I.A.’s own Australia show below.

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