News__ MINI BAGS: Use or Lose?

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Where did my purse go?

XL hobo bags slowly fill up with your notebook, pens, that extra sweater, a mickey of booze, endless receipts and other crap. You limp around with the extra pounds of useless articles until you finally dump it out on your bed, regroup, and then the cycle starts again. This new microscopic arm candy, or the 3” x 5” purse, will save your back by limiting you to a phone, credit card, and maybe one more teensy tiny must-have like your house keys. But is it enough?

Use or lose Rochas, Ports (see above), and Versace's new palm-sized pouches? Check out more tiny purses below.

Rochas Mini Bag

Versace's Mini Bag

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One Response to “MINI BAGS: Use or Lose?”

  1. Mish mish says:

    I could not do it. My cigs would be crushed, my phone would be lost and the barrels of change I carry around would be all over the place. Cute, though. Very cute.

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