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Designers Karen Donaldson and Vanessa Warrack cite adolescence as the inspiration for the Minnow Bathers 2010 collection. Not only did we have two months sans school or work when we were younger, but as mentioned by Donaldson and Warrack, we also experienced our first beers, first tokes and first kisses. Similar to that feeling you get diving into cold water during a heat wave, there's something refreshing about living in those moments.

Canadian made Minnow Bathers swimwear has us inspired to pack our bags for the lake or the gumption to break in to our neighborhood pool after midnight. With wicked bold prints and flattering silhouettes there's a whole lot to love about Minnow Bathers.

More looks from the 2010 collection below.

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  1. tattedgrl says:

    those are so cute, swimsuits people would actually wear.

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