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Miss D.C. of 2009, Jennifer Corey, is using her title to fight against groping--an issue most would consider "non" but at closer inspection is something worth talking about. According to The Sexist, while out at a bar in Georgetown, Corey was slapped on the butt by a group of "spoiled rich preppy kids who think that they are better than you because their dad makes a lot of money." After the boys tried slap number three, Corey body slammed him. “I just had so much rage against him . . . that I slammed him up against the wall,” Corey said. “[T]here is no reason for a girl to have to worry about being slapped . . . or touched when we go out.”


How many times have all of us been through this scenario? Eight million. Plus ten more.

Now that this news has spread, Corey went on NBC to talk about her defense and general take on public assault. You can watch the entire news report here.

“It doesn’t just happen at bars, either—it’s happened to me at the grocery store, it happens to me on my lunch break in Georgetown, and it’s just demeaning, and it’s disrespectful, and it scares you, which is the biggest thing,” Corey says. “People say, ‘Oh, you’re at a bar or you’re out in public, you should accept the fact that that’s going to happen.’ And that’s not OK.”

We're happy that "The Crown" is finally being used to talk about something worth while instead of vapid, false promises of "world peace."

Via The Sexist

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