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A new moleskine planner is the best thing about one year ending and another beginning. It's a blank page (literally) for your hopes, dreams, goals and all that other stuff.

In January, you neatly label pages with birthdays and anniversaries. You keep track of every appointment and update your progress with every New Year's resolution.

By March, you've slipped a bit--but you've also gone back to eating cookies and smoking when you're drunk, so it's not much of surprise.

By May, you've torn out a few pages to give out phone numbers or wrap in gum.

In the summer months, there are more one-liners and doodles in your notebook than genuine events and the paper has a brownish tinge from a few cups of spilled coffee.

Then, by the fall, you're looking forward to that crisp, new planner but also reluctant to give up the one you've been tenderly lugging around.

Which brings us back to January. Make sure you start your New Year properly notebooked and check out the new moleskine video by Dutch artist, Rogier Wieland for some inspiration. Sailing week? Trip to Berlin? Yes please. Impressed? Don't miss the Making Of video to see how Wieland puts it all together.

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