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Teddy Bear Terry releases a new book that shows an intimate look into his family life

With portraits, interiors, and letters, Terry Richardson's new book MOM DAD captures his eccentric California mom and late father, Bob Richardson, as he declined in mental health towards the end of his life. The book shows us that Terry comes from two humans who are a far cry from bashful, which makes sense. And of course, Terry is in the book too.

This Morel double book is to be one of his most intimate series portrayals and provide new insight into Terry's personal life. But, when lined up beside his Diesel t-shirts, the Terry G-shock watch, Moscot x Terry eyewear, an upcoming book with Lady Ga Ga, Terry skateboards, Uncle Terry toy figures and Terry-faced teddy bears, one wonders if it’s not just another way to take the Terry brand home with you.

Terry the son, or Terry the enterprise?

Check out some preview images of MOM DAD below.

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