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Johansson / Heidi Nilausen from AHDW on Vimeo.

Fashion exhibition and music video in one--we dig. Directed by Philippe Tempelman and Kian Zubicky to promote fashion designer Heidi Nilausens collection, and Blue Moon, a new song by artist Johansson, the directors have beautifully mashed together music and fashion. "To us that's the exciting bit," Tempelman told hearty. "To seemlessly try to blend the two worlds together." The video was first shown in Stockholm during fashion week at a fashion exhibition by Beckmans College of Design called "In a Perfect World" and the video is already starting to gain recognition, including a write up in uber cool and popular Dazed Digital. While music videos sometimes seem like one big advertisement, this is a refreshing upfront take on an old way to promote two things we heart--music and fashion.

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