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Everyone should love Halloween. Kids get candy, teens get firecrackers and adults get liquored. Win-win-win! Plus, we all get to dress-up and pretend to be something we are not. It's kinda like acting. So, it makes sense for some of us to fall back on the trusty celebrity costume idea. But who to choose? With all those Michelle O'Bama and Lindsay Lohan ghouls running around you need to stand out. We chalked up a list of some (last minute) less predictable celebrity costumes you could whip up.


What was that rule from Mean Girls about girls and Halloween? Oh right...Halloween is the one night of the year that any girl can dress like a total slut and nobody can say a word. How many times have you been a Slutty Nurse, Slutty Bunny, Slutty Cat, Slutty Janitor? Come on, it's getting old. Just buck up and go big this year. Be Megan Fox.

Items you will need: Red lipstick, hair gel, spray-on tan, hot pink evening gown, tattoos, black wig, new boobs and a toilet mouth.


Green Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is hilarious. I don't care if that character emerged a few seasons ago. Still funny. If people are still dressing up as The Joker and calling it topical, I think throwing on a neon green suit and being Charlie Kelly's alter-ego is just fine.

Items you will need: Green spandex body suit with face cover and a catheter bag.


Do you know any other famous toddlers who (in under a year) went from sippy cups to high heels to style icon status? Yeah, exactly.

Items you will need: An expensive Burberry dress, tiny high heels, cute Chanel purse, brown bob and a gorgeous mother to carry you when you have one too many drinks.


Last year Ronson and LiLo was the celebrity couple costume. This year I think it's time for the Montag-Pratt merger to make it's way into ghoul town. They have done so much this year! Heidi made a song while Spencer watched, Heidi did Playboy while Spencer watched, Heidi got a bunch of new body parts while Spencer watched and Heidi got drunk and married Spencer, while Spencer video-taped (and watched?). Amazing!

Items you will need: Fake tans, fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake careers.


Miley Cyrus is old news--snooze fest. But you know who isn't a total bore? Her rising star sister, Noah! Noah is only nine years-old but my god has she made her mark. What is she? Is she goth? Is she a stripper? Is she going to a Lunachicks concert? Who knows! She's too much and, therefore, just enough for Halloween.

Items you will need: Dark make-up, chiffon, satin, bustier, knee-high pleather lace-up boots and a special purse for your baby teeth.

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