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Sisters Tish and Sooky opened Manic Panic, the store, over 30 years ago, and it was a haven on St. Marks for punks and rebelling youth. The electrifying, brightly colored Manic Panic nail polish and hair dyes, were just a side project for the sisters when they weren't running the shop, or you know, singing back-up for Blondie with their band, Sick F*cks. Bringing back the style of Joey Ramone Ramone, Blondie, and Patti Smith--all who used to shop at the store--Opening Ceremony has paired up the new Neon Royal Pro-Keds collection, with matching Manic Panic products. Now you can literally day-glo from head to toe.

See more colors below.

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  1. Hannah Sarah Hannah Sarah says:

    oh man, i LOVED manic panic when i was younger. i think i changed my hair colour every two weeks in grade seven. i even went white blonde with their flashlightning bleach. not good on an asian girl. dark green was even worse.

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