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Acne à la Tokyo

The Swiss have a penchant for design. If we may be allowed to overgeneralize--see Helvetica, army knives, swatches and Acne Studios.

The stores that house the clothing brand are deemed "studios" because of the acronym's (Ambition to Create Novel Expression) mission for artistic expression. The studios are art pieces of their own designed by Andreas Fornell, in-house Acne architect extraordinaire who prefers inspiration via women's fashion magazines rather than magazines of his own craft. Each studio is unique, never the same and is often reflective of its locale (Acne has branched out globally since its creation in 1996).

Fornell's newest masterpiece, a flagship "studio" in Tokyo, retains an industrial feel originating from the space itself while echoing a "modern Stockholm house" as per Acne founder Jonny Johansson's orders.

Check out the new Tokyo Acne store architecture below.

Acne Studios in Copenhagen

Acne Studios in New York City

Acne Studios in Paris

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