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Apparently, this is the least expensive Courtney Love video ever made. It's also the most tragic.

Courtney Love's video for Skinny Little Bitch begins with Love getting a tattoo--"Let it Bleed" on her inner arm--as she flits about her hotel room smoking, singing, brushing her teeth and wincing at the tattoo needles penetrating her fish belly white skin. She watches the infamous video on her computer, of Kurt on British TV saying, "Courtney Love of the sensational pop group Hole is the best fuck in the world." Then, she stands up and says she wants her dead husband's sound-bite as a ring tone. It's kind of charming, kind of sad, kind of what you would expect.

Remember back in 1991, when Love used to stand on stage in Kurt's sweater at some dingy night club and whisper, "Don't choke on the poison you're swilling, show me the invincible hole that you're filling, don't choke on the poison you're swilling, just remember, you can't rape the willing"? I do. "Mrs. Jones," it was an amazing song. She was incredible. It was reason enough to start a punk band and sing about anything and everything.

The video is enjoyable. Love's new album is good, but without Patti Schemel and Eric Erlandson, it just isn't Hole. Enjoy (because we sure did).

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