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So do you really think you know what they mean?

Madeline Fallin and Brian Oblivion of Cults, have released a new video for their song "You Know What I Mean." Madeline plays a lovestruck girl at odds with her father over the man who holds her wanton heart (Brian). But the entire cliche love story becomes much more dramatic and grotesque with the addition of carnival stunts that go horribly wrong.

Fallin and Oblivion are actually dating in real life, and it seems safe to say that it takes a strong couple to be able to portray themselves in such a twisted, unnerving lens. The lyrics of the song are filled with anguish--she is "afraid of the light" and asks her love, "please come and save me." But the piano chords are sweet and dreamy.  The video has its soft, romantic moments as well and the juxtaposition of them with these horror-laden images are what make it so captivating.

Cults' self titled record was released on Columbia Records in 2011. Watch the video for "You Know What I Mean" below.

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