News__ New Issue at Your Doorstep

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Plunk! There it is, right at your doorstep. The new hearty issue drops today, featuring some real killers.

The leading ladies of streetwear unveil themselves as a set of queen playing cards. Matt George drops some first time gems on us (besides those baby blues)—Ransom doing a women’s footwear line! Working with Kanye on Pastelle! And producer Black Milk drafts a hip hop basketball team (find out who’s getting the water and who’s getting benched!).

We also celebrate 5 years of monkey business with Three Monkeys. Plus, Travis Taddeo designs us an original hearty dress! This issue is so thick you might want to use two hands picking it up off your doorstep. And just in case you’re wondering as you’re reaching down, that’s Robin Cameron’s beautiful artwork on the cover. Enjoy!

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