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Rihanna releases a new video that is all about cheers-ing and what comes right after that

The latest video from Rhianna "Cheers (Drink To That)" is an advertisement for getting wasted. While, the song samples a little piece of the vintage Avril Lavigne hit "I'm With You" off her debut album, Let Go but just the "yeah yeahs," the video is another story. Filmed in beautiful, moody, blue light "Cheers" reminds us of Hole's behind-the-scenes-of-tour-life video for "Awful" filled with glamorous stage shots, beautiful outfits, funny facial expressions and back stage partying. In a time where moral panic about young women binging on booze is covered on every blog, it seems weirdly topical. Conceptually genius or not, this video is visual eye candy and makes us want a drink, like, now.

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