News__ Saint Alfred Does it in the Dark

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A tad late to report, but we just couldn't resist. The Air Yezzy release was a sight to see around the world but the St. Alfred boys did it up in true Kanye style. hearty caught up with co- owner Mr. Krabby Rangoon of St. Alfred to break it down for us:

Like any other day, on April 3, Saint Alfred was open for their regular 12-8. Their customers knew something was going to go down, but they didn't know how big. When the doors closed that evening the hustle was on, Saint Alfred was getting flipped and it needed to be finished by midnight. The shop was stripped of all of its gear, leaving only white tees hanging. At 11:35 their metal gate rolled up and the kids in line glanced in, the shop was bare, the gate quickly rolled down leaving them once again in the darkness.

Finally at 12:01, April 4th, the gate reopened to reveal a glow-in-the-dark boutique, a wall of Air Yezzys, and three half naked gogo dancers in the window (Unfortunately all women, come on guys where are the half naked men?). Big ups to the Saint Alfred team, not only was the build up and the event unforgettable, but --unlike many of the others releasing the kicks that night-- they kept the kicks at a reasonable price and gave Chicago Bulls tickets to every customer who bought a pair.

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