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Think of all the things you could do!

Our possibilities are endless. From practicing gymnastics, to competing in the Olympics, from going for a run, to running in a race, Nike's new video makes us all want to be the leading women, winning against athletes like the oh so dreamy, soccer player, Gerard Piqué.

The “Just Do It” slogan is celebrating 25 years with this motivational commercial titled “Endless Possibilities.” It's directed by Adam Berg and narrated by Ellen Page. The transformation from one scene to another is incredible, as it really helps us imagine ourselves pushing our limits and going out of our comfort zones. The simple "If this...", "then that..." clause shows us how one simple task to eventually lead to something empowering. It just makes us want to go out for a run, and end up winning a race.

Watch the Nike "Just Do It-Endless Possibilities" video below.

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