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Norma Kamali references a myriad of eras for her new fall/winter 2012 collection

If you're not already in love with designer Norma Kamali we suggest you first check out her House Calls with photographer Christelle de Castro. Norma Kamali is 67-years old and could do pirouettes around us at the gym--her fitness level is next level. But if that doesn't sell you on her enough (though we suspect it will) then her fall '12 collection will have you head over heels.

Jumping around in a variety of eras for reference, the Norma Kamili fall '12 collection touches on 40's mod, 60's minis then back to the 20's for turbans and  into the future with silver and spandex (because that's what they wear in the future, duh). Our favorites in the collection though, are the Gold's Gym-inspired pieces--leggings, tight dresses and even a bikini all in black pattern with colorful writing that says things like "feel the burn" and "empower." We suspect Norma wants us to start catching up.

See our favorite looks from the Norma Kamali fall '12 collection below.

Seen via: Refinery 29

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  1. […] Norma Kamali‘s designs are fun. These are clothes that do not take themselves too seriously (so neither should you). The designer’s been outfitting Madonna and Cher since the ’70s and, today, the likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are clad her in eccentric pieces. Judging from this list of clients, classifying the Norma Kamali woman with words like “groundbreaking” and “empowered” ¬†would not be overdoing it. […]

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