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Now and Then rules. It's the ultimate girl movie and come summer, it just makes sense to honor such a teenage classic. Samantha, Teeny, Roberta and Chrissie taught us all a little something about taping down our boobs, witch craft, sex, insulting boys, adventure, dick sizes, divorce, make-shift implants and most of all, friendship. Remember the part when they are all biking back from the library and they meet that dude who was in the army? It's a greasy Brendan Fraser masquerading as a post-war babe! They all sit down and share a smoke with him on some country road. Talk war and shit. Yeah, talking war with tweenage girls. Even Chrissie, the prude of the bunch, has the guts (or complete innocence) to call the dude a 'hippy sex fiend.' Now and Then has an all-star cast and a brilliant characters who were ten times more identifiable than the Spice Girls. Bottom line, the movie rules and teaches girls to stick by one another as they tackle the trials of teen-hood. More importantly, Now and Then taught us the truth about suburban boredom and all the bullshit.

'See Sam, there are no perfect families. It's normal for things to be shitty.' Yeah Teeny, thank you. So let's all put on our rosy sun glasses, shove in our vanilla boobs and go have a pop with Devon Sawa, then steal his clothes and rip off on our bikes.

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