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Sometimes it's just too pretty to be witch house

Charlie XCX is UK's newest darkpop princess. Though her new single "Nuclear Seasons" is bumping all over the world, a remix from Balam Acab took it up a notch.  But we're withholding our inclinations to tag this track "witch house."  Sorry Char, you've gotta get a little darker for that. The original track is a dreamy journey through a sparkling plane with some heavy gothic undertones. But Balam Acab's slowed-down, sexed-up remix obscures Charlie's pop just enough to make it fit aurally with all the other occult culture we've been talking bout lately (see here, here, and here).

Lately, it seems like there is so much goth-pop seeping into our ears that the definition "witch house" can be given to any chanty-haunting vocals. (Look out for a new column on hearty called, "too pretty to be witch house")  The defining line: if you can sing karaoke to it, it ain't witch house. Ever downed a bottle of sake and tried to sing along to Ohk? It's just not happening.

Listen to this week's hearty Track Meet selection the Balam Acab Remix of Charlie XCX's "Nuclear Season" below.

Charli XCX - "Nuclear Seasons" Balam Acab Remix by Pretty Much Amazing

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