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Come on.

Lars Von Trier sort of had everybody down after he released Melancholia in 2011. Sure, it was an award-winning picture. It was one of few films that tackled mankind's apocalyptic nightmares without falling into the archive of cliche, uninteresting end-of-the-world movies released before we realized 12/12/12 wasn't the end. Then again, it also left viewers walking out of the theatre plagued by overwhelming feelings of disappointment in humanity and utter hopelessness.

In a drastic change of tone, his forthcoming two-part film Nymphomaniac studies one of the most delightful aspects of human life. After all, what in this world evokes hope more than an orgasm? Von Trier's usual suspects, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Willem Dafoe, Stellan SkarsgÄrd and Udo Kier serve as the backbone for a cast that sparks interest in and of itself. Other major names appearing in the film include Uma Thurman, Shia Le Beouf, and Christian Slater.

A tale of one woman's sexual evolution, the film chronicles self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, Joe's experiences from adolescence to adulthood. The sex scenes are very much real; they feature stand-ins acting out every last detail on film. To preserve the authenticity of the intercourse, Von Trier will actually have the doubles' genitals superimposed onto the cast members' bodies.

Today the campaign images for Nymphomanic dropped. The grainy catalog of O face portraits are the latest in a calculated, racy marketing rollout for the film. Four mini-trailers, artfully dubbed "appetizers" are available for viewing on the film's official YouTube channel.

Nymphomaniac is set to premiere in Denmark in late December, and France a month later. Magnolia Pictures is yet to give details about an American release date, but rumors of a hardcore version premiering at Cannes 2014 come in the wake of Von Trier's ban from the fest after he made Hitler-sympathetic comments a few years ago. Though nothing's confirmed, if Cannes opens their doors to Von Trier again this film will garner attention for its audacity, at the very least.

Stay tuned for updates and check out all the campaign photos below. We think Udo Kier takes the cake, but Mia Goth definitely gets an honorable mention.

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