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Turn off the lights! The Obey design team has been busy working away on a project with glow in the dark ink for Holiday '09. And this is not like any glow in dark ink. It's a newly discovered formula where the ink looks like a regular white print but glows for up to four hours with just a few minutes of exposure to either natural or artificial light--emitting a much stronger glow than before. Best part (well at least for Obey) is they have the exclusivity to the ink for one year.

Obey has released one style on their online shop. The rest of the collection featuring t-shirts and v-neck's for men and women in florescent green or blue depending on the design that you choose, is set to be released at the end of October to selected shops. Looks like we'll be seeing more glow in the dark pieces from Obey (especially when the lights are off).

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