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As you know the mixtape is back. OC agrees and has partnered up with Playbutton, a brand that makes button-shaped mp3 players, to create the Love Button. Sold with a pre-loaded playlist of new, previously unreleased and exclusive love songs this cool little music maker is doing mixtapes right in a digital format. Not only is it limited edition, but all proceeds go to the Musicians On Call, a non-profit that delivers music to patients in health care facilities.

Check out what will be playing on your Love Button below.

1. Baths - "Plea"
2. Girls - "Heartbreaker"
3. Vampire Weekend - "White Sky" (New Look Remix)
4. Stephin Meritt / Magnetic Fields - "Yeah! Oh Yeah!"
5. Matthew Dear - "Don and Sherri" (Hot Chip Version)
6. Coconut Records - "Slowly"
7. Native Korean Rock - "Body"
8. How to Dress Well - "Ready for the World" (Extended Version)
9. Owen Pallett - "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt"
10. Björk - "Unravel" (Brodsky Quartet Version)

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