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Oktoberfest is one of Germany's most famous events. Besides babes in pigtails and tons of cute blond boys, there's lots of beer drinking, eating and all around merriness during the 16 to 18 day festival. Thanks to MeanRed Productions, New Yorkers will get a taste of Oktoberfest this Saturday (Oct. 9). Governor's Island will be filled with food vendors serving traditional German food and the best of New York (and of course) German beers. We caught up with Katie Longmyer, co-owner of MeanRed to talk about the best German beers and what makes them good, circus acts, Oktoberfest food and Oktoberfest activities (not just drinking).

See what Katie had to say and why you should be excited about Oktoberfest below.

Favorite German Beer?

We love the Schneider Aventinus. It's a wheat beer but on the darker side and its a little sweet. And it's really really strong!

What makes German Beer Good?

German brewers are restricted by the "Reinheitsgebot" (purity law), which allows them to use only four ingredients in their beer (malt, hops, yeast, and water) they insist on working with quality raw materials. The incredible variety of German beers, therefore, stems largely from technique and years and years of tradition and style. We think that's what makes it taste so good and unique!

Favorite Oktoberfest Activity?

Oktoberfest is all about celebrating, its not just about beer. Germans also celebrate music and have circus acts--we'll have both this year!

Perfect Oktoberfest Meal?

Bratwurst, Red Cabbage & Wine Sauerkraut, Hallo Berlin will be on site serving these! Pretzels, Sigmund Pretzel Shop will be on site serving these. And Ice Cream! Look for the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck!

Why Should New Yorkers be excited about Oktoberfest?

We tried to merge all the things that Germany celebrates, with a celebration of NY - we are hosting the event on the historic Governor's Island, we are featuring NY state craft beers of all kinds, and we brought in local New York food vendors as well as German Food vendors. There's even a root beer garden for kids so everyone gets to have a beer!

The Best Part?

MeanRed loves to celebrate food, community and music all in once place. We also love to do it outside. Since the closing of our beloved venue BKLYN Yard, doing events like this help us continue to bring people together to enjoy all of the things that we love.

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