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OnePiece, or the Scandinavian Snuggie, promises to be the most comfortable attire for your hungover Sundays. Leave it to three kooky Norwegians named Henrik, Knut and Thomas to do away with, "the tight waistband and the pressure to go jogging" that accompanies your run-of-the-mill sweatsuit.

All of their models look so sporty and kempt in the rainbowed selection of OnePieces, but just like the Snuggie, how far does the joke go before you find yourself day after day zipped into the Kraft Dinner-stained onesie. We can see you now: greasy hair tucked into the hood, a mountain range of bacne festering underneath the cotton, a thick body odor trapped inside like the proverbial Dutch oven. It's a slippery slope these "comfort clothes." There must be a way to be at cozy without risking a sexless life.

With heavy hitters like Kate Moss, David Beckham and Sadie Frost hopping into OnePiece sweatsuits, it looks like these things are gearing up to dethrone the Snuggie. Thomas says that they were, "as surprised as anyone became a fashion and lifestyle statement."

Even though we understand the appeal of feeling like a toddler, swaddled in cotton, when you're in a sick and miserable state, make sure you stay in control of the OnePiece. Don't let it take it control of you. Heed our warning as you scroll through their online store, lookbook and watch a video of the whole thing going down, inexplicably set to Jay-Z's "New York."

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