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ONYX Ceramic Digital Hairstyling Iron offers pop for your primp.

Introducing the most unnecessary hair product to fall out of the styling market. Enter the ONYX Ceramic Digital Hairstyling Iron by In Glam which acts as a normal flat iron but has the ability to play over 500 mp3 songs while you straighten your locks. Do we really need to have our hair products sing boring pop songs to us while we primp? What happened to singing in the shower?

Spotted on Nylon

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2 Responses to “MUSICAL HAIR TOOLS”

  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    As someone who straightens their hair everyday, this is honestly the shit! Useless but awesome. White lung straightening session. boom!

  2. […] is with beauty products getting all “iPhone” on us? If it’s not the hair straightener that plays mp3′s, it’s the USB Lighted Mirror. Pardon? Yeah, welcome to future, ladies. […]

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