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Spring Breeeeak. Spring Break foreverrrr.

The whole Spring Breakers aesthetic, Korine-style movie and otherwise, revolves around a penchant for neon and kitschy dolphins, palm trees and marijuana leaves. Opening Ceremony brings us that in their new capsule collection by stylist Heidi Bivens so that, at least for a moment, we can feel like badasses that seduce drug lords and avenge drive-bys.

The collection includes, of course, crop tops, mesh tanks, string bikinis, lighters and unicorn hoodies that match the DTF sweatpants and ski mask featured in the film. The graphics echo the film themes so you can feel like part of the lawbreaking fun too! It's exclusive - available only in New York, London, Tokyo and LA Opening Ceremony boutiques. The best part? The collection is affordable ranging from $20 to $90 so you don't have to rob a chicken joint with toy squirt guns. *spoiler*

Check out the Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers below.

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