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The hearty staff pick the best and worst dressed from the 2012 Oscars

The Oscars are supposed to be about movies--remember that? But it seems like the ceremonies turned into a parade of who can dress the best and an inadvertent contest (you probably don't want to be a part of) of who can dress the worst. We're pretty sure at least weeks, if not months, of planning goes into what one will wear to the Oscars. And if you've been invited in the first place the selection of Oscar go-to designers (think: Valentino, De La Reta, McQueen) and up-and-comers you have access to select from is endless. The fashion world is literally your oyster, so you really don't have any excuses. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't take your best friend along with you to let you know if Joan Rivers will have a heyday with your number or if your look will be splashed across the front page of Harper's Bazzar post-show.

The hearty staff piped in with our perspective on the Oscars' high and low lights. Pitting the "best" and "worst" dressed choices side by side, here's what the heart staff thought was the Oscars Best vs. Wosrt Dressed. Honorable mention to Penelope Cruz above, who always looks so glamorous.

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