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From big dreams to a surfers dreams, the P.O.P. Pier

From big dreams to ruins to a surfing break. The Pacific Ocean Park Pier was built in the late '50s to compete with Disneyland, within about 10 years the park fell apart. But the pier turned into a popular location for surfers, like the "Dogtown" skateboarders aka Z-Boys (we know you saw the movie). Anthony Friedkin, a young surfer and photographer shot some brilliant photos of the Pier. Warriors of Radness put it on a shirt.

See a more in-depth look at the photograph from the Warriors of Radness P.O.P. Pier short below.

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  1. Gretta says:

    This would be the perfect tee to wear over some skinny black jeans with some black booties with buckles. Of course I’m sure the intent of the photographer and designer was not to over fashionize the image but it is such a hip statement, it would be a shame not to co-opt the image for fashion purposes.

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