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Get poked by Pamela Love's new fall '11 collection

You'll definitely be able to pack a little extra punch with Pamela Love's new fall '11 collection. Raw stones protrude out of brings, pendants and bracelets, making for beautiful pieces and potential weapons--if we happen to poke someone here and there it would be well worth it though. There are also a pair of hoop earrings we are coveting look, that look perfect for a seance.

Get mystified in more of Pamela Love's fall '11 lookbook below.

Seen on: Refinery 29

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2 Responses to “Pamela Love Fall 2011”

  1. jess bloom says:

    i think i love every pamela love collection better than the one before.

  2. Mira Mira says:

    Those two sided studs are wicked.

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