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Courtney Bonnell is the Director of Vendor Relations for (capsule) Women's shows. Basically, she curates the show, and maintains relationships with the (capsule) vendors and retailers. Courtney gets to meet everyone.

With Paris Fasion week in full effect, we're having Courtney give us a day-by-day diary of Paris Fashion week and (capsule), showing us some of her favorites from the collections and the designers behind them. This is the first year (capsule) has opened their doors for a Paris (capsule) Women's show, and Courtney is there too see it all--from new designers to parties to way too many pastries.

(capsule) Paris Women's Day 1
By: Courtney Bonnell

Today was the first day of the first ever (capsule) Paris women’s show. We’re in Paris at the Garage Turenne and have been waiting some time now to see it all come together. I strolled around the show today to see some of the best collections in the world, and to see what would catch my eye.

Let’s start with one of my new faves: Arnsdorf. The Australian brand has been around since 2007 and it's time you know about it.

Not only do I love the designer, Jade Sarita Arnott, but I love the entire collection. It’s effortlessly cool, multi-faceted and her color scheme is right on. SS2011 collection is comprised of some stand-out colors including a perfect lilac and a burnt orange-brick red. Doesn’t sound like colors you could imagine in one collection, but it works and it’s awesome. These are the colors we’ll all be craving come spring, promise.

3-Dimensional dress and cropped suede dress by Arnsdorf.

Another collection that I was excited to see was Belle Sauvage. The collection is known generally for being super progressive and particularly for its structured dresses and crazy prints. The prints are all done in-house and are pretty spectacular. I met one of the designers, Virginia Ferreira, who was decked in an amazing Belle Sauvage getup. She does the shapes and her partner, Christian Neuman, does the prints. The two elements combined create a seriously unique collection.

A crazy and crazier print from Belle Sauvage.

Belle Sauvage ring.

Good day, good collections. We shall see what the other days will bring.

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