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Pase Rock, has rocked some amazing parties and played for superstars like Justin Timberlake and Bjork (you know, no big deal). He was once quoted saying his dream venue was his bathroom and that he performs there all the time. Congratulate us because we managed to get him to put his bathroom performances on hold to come to Bardot to perform there tonight. He's promised us "Pure unadulterated madness. And Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz. Uptown baby." We're going in...

This Friday (May 21st), we will be helping Pase perform his favorite dance move (we've been practicing all day) at Bardot in Hollywood. Follow the HEARTY TWITTER for more information.

1. Most ridiculous request you've gotten while djing?

Can you play some Michael Jackson? While "PYT" was playing. Or "can you play that song that goes da da da da da."

2. Best dance move during your set?

However your god self is instructing you to move... YouTube search "holy ghost baptist dancing."

3. Most embarrassing moment you've witnessed djing?

I've had plenty. It always sucks when the sound goes out or somebody accidentally pulls the plug and everybody thinks the DJ did it.

4. If_____ started djing you'd quit?

An animated octopus. How you gonna out-DJ a dude with eight arms?

5. Biggest "no no" song for a dj to play?

Play what you want. I'm sure there's a situation for any song to be played.

Bardot Hollywood
1732 Vine St, Hollywood, CA
9pm - late

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