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Extravagance, explosions, and self-love make up Patrick Wolf’s “Together”

Patrick Wolf is an English-Irish songwriter who isn’t afraid to mix genres. Known for combining electronic music with classical instruments, it's no surprise his new single “Together” uses these elements well. The video (and song) is reminiscent of New Wave cheese, and reminds us of Erasure, Spandau Ballet and the more recent 80s throwback kid, Diamond Rings. Lush and featuring animals on Wolf’s shoulders (including one pretty angry fox), "Together" also features images of a city exploding and colorful kaleidoscope-style videography. Director Mattias Erik Johansson doesn’t miss a single opportunity to overlay Wolf with, well, Wolf. One of the best scenes? When he is featured as a mirrored sunrise—his own face the shameless sun. Self-indulgent in a hilarious (hopefully tongue-in-cheek) way, we love it just the same.

Watch the video for Patrick Wolf’s “Together” below.

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