News__ Spunky Choker

October 20, 2010
This "Pearl Necklace" by designer Leah Piepgras is the perfect His & Hers to go along with the Man Bibs from The Cheeky. Who would want spunk displayed on their neck? The same kind of person who would date a guy who uses a Man Bib. "Pearl Necklace is a seemingly amorphous cast silver shape on a chain that is actually an accurate representation of semen. It is a visual marker of chaos turned perfection through an act of beauty and lust. Pearl Necklace is a physical reminder of a fleeting moment of pleasure," Leah says on her website. At $420 per necklace, we hope that silver was cast from the semen of the gods. Via: NYMag

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  • jess bloom

    “spunky choker”. “semen of the gods”. awesome.