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Peggy Noland burns her stuff

Fashion designer Peggy Noland’s newest video “Kansas City” pays a hefty homage to self-destruction. The Kansas-based designer is known for her strange circus-ready onesies, moo-moos, and leotards clustered with acid-trip bright textiles that make go-to bold designs look like understated prudes.

The video begins with some shots of flora dubbed over by disquieting gurgling. Our character—we'll call it Clothing Rack-- seems placid and peaceful in barren landscapes. What happens next (cue rock 'n roll) is outright calamity. Our protagonist burst into flames, collapses into a bog, and launches from a neglected tower. It’s a shocking mess of brightly-colored shrapnel and charred wood.

“It was either this, or a girl walking around with a poop crown,” Noland says. Whether the Clothing Rack represents Kansas City, her views on the material, or if it's just about blowing stuff up for kicks--that all remains open for discussion.

Watch Peggy Noland destroy her clothes in her new video “Kansas City” below.

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