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Opening Ceremony went for round three with lil' old family-owned Pendleton and we're ready to rank the results...

Knock Out

Throw on these socks or that scarf for a touch of old-timey American textile, without dousing yourself in the trend. All that merino wool will keep you warm and cozy like you're on a porch swing somewhere in Arizona. For Pendleton's first collection with Opening Ceremony they mainly stuck to jackets and skirts but we think they should keep on keeping on with the accessories.

Killer Left Hook

Gone are the saccharine skirts of Pendleton's summer collection--bring on the ones that can withstand a city wind tunnel. This mini has a lot of layering possibility so you can control how Navajo you wanna go. There's also something great about this hat and we must be right because Ramell thinks so too.


We have to say, we're a little confused about how Pendleton and Opening Ceremony went from these fine jackets to this cropped peacock on the right. Just like the "fringe blanket tee" on the left, the effect is boxy and unflattering. When the clothes don't even look good on the model, it usually spells out trouble. We know, we know, cropped sweaters are in for fall...but there's a good way to do it and it doesn't involve bold prints or thick horizontal stripes. Maybe these pants can get a pass--they don't need to suffer just because of the jacket.

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