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Beware, the animals are starting to fight back

Peter Gronquist predicts the bedizened future of animals in his new collection of sculptures titled "The Evolution Will Be Fabulous." He's taken taxidermied animals and emblazoned them the weapons to fight back. The weapons, which are toy replicas from eBay, are fitted to the animals with steel tubing, fiberglass and epoxy clay.

Some of the animal horns turn into elaborate fashion logos, a theme that Gronquist also explored in his previous show, "The Revolution Will Be Fabulous." That collection featured Louis Vuitton chainsaws and Versace machine guns. If you shot a YSL Gazelle with a Versace gun, is that considered a collaboration?

Check out more sculptures below and hit up Gallery 1988: Venice in Santa Monica where Peter Gronquist's collection is displayed until November 4th. Also, if you really like antlers, feel free to revisit this post about deer antler spray (except it's not really about deer antler spray).

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