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Los Angeles-based R&B singer Phlo Finister channels her idol Edie Sedgwick in her new video "Wrong #"

Our favorite up and coming R&B baby, Phlo "Elijah" Finister released a new video for the track "Wrong #" off her debut EP Crown Gold. "Wrong #" features Phlo dressed in her typical ultra-feminine, mod fashions (Phlo is a self-proclaimed "Youthquaker" who is deeply inspired by the London mod scene) cruising through vignettes in various vintage sunglasses. Positioned in her old brick apartment with manicured nails and Cleopatra eyes, Phlo sings, smokes and sips to the sweet phrasing of the song. Although the video was shot in Los Angeles, it has Phlo's signature London-inspired feel in her clothing and elegance. "I see myself living in Chelsea, raising a family, being an entertainer," Phlo told hearty magazine. "There is so much history in London and I love it."

Watch Phlo Finister's video for "Wrong #" below.

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