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Photoshop used to be an elite program that was reserved for professionals working in the ever-growing field of digital photography, now everyone and their dog can re-touch their profile pictures before uploading them online. And just because everyone has access to Photoshop, it doesn't mean that everyone knows how to use it. Even the professionals seem to mess it up sometimes. These imperfections need to be pointed out and thanks to the good folks at PhotoShop Disasters, they are. PhotoShop Disasters is a collection of the most horrendous of errors ranging from the minimization of Blake Lively's chest to the disconnect between a random model's arm sockets to Oprah's disfigured form. All of these changes result in the photo looking completely unnatural and ridiculous. Re-touching zits and red-eye is cool, but stretching legs to reach super-human lengths is just going to get you busted. Check out more here.

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