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The Pixies back in the days of young.

Ever since the success of their 2009 Doolite 20th Anniversary Tour, 90s indie rock heroes the Pixies have put aside their internal differences to bring their legendary hits back into the musical landscape. The tours were a great success and the four members are now ready for more. This time they will embark on what they are referring to as the "Lost Cities" tour which stretches from Montclair, New Jersey to Santa Fe, New Mexico to Bakersfield, California or all the armpit towns they missed during the 90s. According to Stereogum, drummer David Lovering leaked news of the possibility of a new album.

"It’s definitely a stronger possibility than it was a few years ago. It’s going to be baby steps, though. We have the formula and we know we can do it. But if we put something out, it has to be good. Period. We don’t want to break the legacy. It’s much more of a free subject to talk about now though. We’re gonna go slowly and see what will happen."

Even if the Pixies don't get back into the studio (it has been almost 20 years) it's comforting to know that there will be a chance to see the extraordinary Kim Deal chain-smoke in sweatpants while playing her bass to thousands of adoring fans. Check tour dates here.

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