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The 50 Foot Queenie herself PJ Harvey is set to release her eighth studio album, Let England Shake, on February 15. Harvey has been a feminist icon, media controversy and alternative beauty since she burst onto the music scene in the 90s with her deep throaty murmur, pounding three-chord riffs and introspective lyrics. The Dorset-born performer, who is now 41-years-old, has been known to shock, whether it's with a reinvention of her fashion or musical style. To promote her up-coming album, Harvey teamed up with photojournalist Seamus Murphy to create two new videos for the songs "The Words That Maketh Murder” and "The Last Living Rose".

See the two new PJ Harvey videos below.

The first video is a freakishly calming flip-flop of scenes featuring Harvey playing alone in her room to her autoharp and random shots of nightlife and nature. A classic Harvey move or just a throw back to her late 90s hit, "Man Size"?

The second, "The Last Living Rose" holds the same cinematographic charm, but this time with beaches, farm lands, old women and ducks. And a real guitar.

Via: The Guardian

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