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PJ Harvey makes a video for every track on her new album, Let England Shake

Legendary British songstress PJ Harvey has been promoting her latest album "Let England Shake" by making a video to accompany every track on the record. Harvey worked closely with battlefield photographer Seamus Murphy to manifest a series of videos that have been scattered all over the internet everywhere from The Huffington Post to Harvey's personal website. Murphy and Harvey refer to the videos as a "series of short films" and the scenes in each segment read as a group. How will Harvey ever top this kind of dedication to her art?

See a few of our favorites from PJ Harvey's new videos below, along with her performance last night on the legendary Jools Holland's show, where dressed up in a Bjork-esque get-up of flowing, stark white layers and a black feathered head dress, she commanded the audience with her signature howl.

Heard on: Pitchfork

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