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This January, V Magazine, created a plus size issue. Unfortunately, one spread shot by Terry Richardson oddly pits plus-size model, Crystal Renn against straight-size model, Jacquelyn Jablonksi. Plus vs. minus?

While the goal of the 8-page editorial is clear from the title, "One Size Fits All," the underlying message is a bit more complex. Why did V feel the need to include Jablonski? Why do plus-size models only show up in high fashion plus-size issues? What is the point of putting these two very different women next to each other in a twisted game of her vs. her?

Maybe one size fits all, but one standard should get lost.

Images via V Magazine

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3 Responses to “PLUS VS. MINUS”

  1. T.I. says:

    though i really don’t like how they put these two side by side, i still have to say that i’m glad people are taking chances with “big” women. (It just sucks that its in a special plus sized issue…) i float between a 9 and 11 (depending on the store), but according to many sites out there i’m “fat” or “plus sized” because i’m only 5’7 and have so much weight. i WAS chubby at 189 pounds (which will never, ever happen again…) but now i’ve lost about 25 pounds, feel AMAZING, but at the same time i’m STILL “overweight.” I don’t know HOW to dress myself in fashionable clothes because nothing fits me right. i have big boobs and broad shoulders…so i just settle with tshirts. hahahaha

    even though it’s in a plus sized mag i’m so glad to see that i can actually wear something that Jablonksi can wear and not look like a complete fat ass in it, to try and put it bluntly lol like i said, i don’t know HOW to make myself look good and i kinda wish MORE people would take chances with the average to plus sized women because i wouldn’t walk around looking like i don’t own anything but jeans, tshirts, and hoodies. i need some help! hahahahaha this is what brought me to hearty and other blogs like fatlace…i’m learning what works and what doesn’t here LOL

    wow…i really got off on a rant there. sorry! LOL seeing bigger girls in clothing like this shows that i can wear it too (though i might go for skirts that are a liiiittle longer hahaha) and then the nekked Lizzi Miller pictures from a while ago really make me a little more confident to wear a 2 piece bathing suit instead of a baggy ass tshirt over my 1 piece.

  2. T.I. says:

    holy cow that was long…

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