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Got Juice?

This new Cabelet (bracelet+cable) will get not only your phones juices pumping, but also add some new candy to your wrist. The Cabelet has both a Lightning (USB-to-Lightning) and Micro USB (USB-to-Mirco) cable embedded inside of it for a quick in-and-out juicer. Kyte & Key have mastered merging bracelets into a "wearable power cabelet." Looks like Kyte & Key thought of it all, except for what we do if we don't have the power adapter. We guess it's helpful if you still have a 4 and everyone only has 5 cords available.

Cabelet's are sold online for $69.99.

Check out more photos of Kyte & Key's Cabelet below.

Seen via: Complexmag

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