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Photographer Lynnette Astaire is guest blogging for hearty as she travels the globe


By: Lynnette Astaire

No matter where I am in the world I love fashion. And since my personal style can go from posh to punk -- packing can sometimes be a challenge. As I packed for my Mexico trip, I thought about Cher Horowitz’s computer closet from Clueless and decided to make a 2012 version. Yeah, yeah I know, summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean trips don’t exist. Let’s get it ladies! Here are a few of my favorite looks and tips from the Power Pack video.

The keys to success are key pieces that define your style while still being comfortable. If you choose correctly you’ll be leaving with tons of options to fit any situation you may encounter. Like for me, business can come up anywhere so I never leave home without a power suit -- and when the meetings are done the separate pieces can easily be mixed with others.

Most trips usually mean a lot of walking so it’s best build your wardrobe around your feet. I packed my New Balance sneakers, a pair of leather sandals from India, black Christian Louboutin stilettos and my trusty army boots. After years of New York City subway climbing and a trek across a Hawaiian lava pit the boots are actually pretty beat -- but still fab.

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