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Q-Pot's spring/summer 2012 collection is, in a few words, snackable magic

Somewhere over the rainbow, little yummy jewelry gems are being made just for you from clouds, fairy laughs and candy floss. Just kidding, but seriously, we bet you almost believed us, because Q-Pot's spring/summer 2012 collection looks so good you could almost eat it (disclaimer: don't).

The Japanese designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu's line is a too-cute selection of little, stackable sweets for the sugar-lover in all of us. He's right on point with this spring's foodie trend, but he's doing it his own way.

So, what's on the menu? First, your finger-licking appetizer: jelly candy fruit rings, which are followed by a main dish of juicy-looking cherry, strawberry and green apple pendants and, for dessert, how about some ice creams scoops dipped in sauce?

See more from the s/s '12 collection below and shop the Q-Pot candy aisle here at Opening Ceremony.

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