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Not a sinner, but we wouldn't say she's a good girl

Part siren, part hometown girl, singer Colleen Rennison from the Canadian band No Sinner returns to New York for a quick show and some friendly reminders of the days when she lived in Brooklyn. We sat down with her to talk about her experience here, the recording process, and the dudes from her past who live within a ten mile radius of where she's staying. Catch her live tonight with her band at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

How long have you been in New York for?

Just a couple days so far this trip, but I lived here on Roebling st in williamsburg from 2008 to 2010.

How do you like the City?

It's both inspiring and infuriating.

Where are you staying while you're here?

With my friend Cheylene from Van, she's a babalicious dynamo that's been hosting a slew of Vancouver skids at her rad space on Locust Street, thankfully her roommates are understanding. She lives with a girl that used to  be roommates with an ex-boyfriend of mine in Vancouver. Another funny thing, she lives right by a guy I used to bang, and a guy she's been hanging out with lives in the same building as a different guy I used to date here, off the Halsey stop on the L train. It's a small world after all.

We know you just finished recording, how was that experience?

Hot and heavy. Murphy's law intervened and I was sick as fuck with a gnarly cold for the most part, but the magic was there and the boys made it happen. We did 8 songs in 24 hours basically, but it was three 15 hour days: 1 day of sounds, 1 day of tracking, and 1 day of overdubs. I'm stoked.

Are you excited to play the Knitting factory?

No not at all. [LAUGHS]

What should we expect from you guys at your show tonight?


Are you going to play a song for us?

Try and stop me.

Check out No Sinner tonight around 11 at The Knitting Factory

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